• Before the Days of Anti-Spyware Software



    Whether spies are good or bad depends on whether they are on your side. For example, if you use your computer to spy on your children or your spouse, it will seem a good action to you because you are supposed to protect them. However, when hackers spy on your online behavior it is never for good reasons, which is why we offer our review of the best anti-spyware software, especially Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Norton AntiVirus.

    Thousands of years before 007, there were good-guy spies who spied for Israel as it attempted to reach the Promised Land after deliverance from 400 years of slavery in Egypt. Of course, the tribes they spied upon would not consider these Jewish spies to be good guys. But then, the Bible has a distinct point of view that is incompatible with an objective presentation of the Philistine point of view. History, as they say, is written by the winners.

    The Old Testament books of Numbers and Joshua record two stories about spies, both of which involve Joshua. In Numbers, after Moses had brought the Israelites from Egypt to the edge of the Promised Land, Canaan, he sends one leader from each of the 12 tribes to explore the land and return with an assessment of the Canaanite defenses and agriculture.

    The spies return carrying the fruit of the land and tell Moses that it flows with milk and honey. They also describe powerful walled cities and giants. Ten of the 12 spies are too afraid to risk an invasion. But two of them, Joshua and Caleb, encouraged the people to have faith that Israel could prevail. When the people refused to listen, the book of Numbers asserts that the god of Israel condemned that generation to wander in the wilderness for 40 years.

    Fast-forward 40 years to the time when Joshua became the leader of the tribes of Israel after Moses died. When Joshua wanted to capture the city of Jericho in the Promised Land, he sent spies who sheltered themselves with a woman named Rahab. In return for her cooperation, the Jews allowed her to join them, even though the Jewish deity is supposed to have condemned all Canaanites to death.

    Whether a spy is good or bad depends on where you stand. To the Canaanites, the spies Rahab sheltered were bad. To Joshua, the spies he sent were doing something good: the work of his god. You might view spyware as bad. Hackers, however, see spyware as good. For you, there should be no question that spyware is a bad thing, even when it is just adware, because in this case, the spies are not on your side. Stop the madness. Install anti-spyware and contribute to the history of frustrating evil.

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